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Media Mail Shipping $3.00 Flat Rate Per Order - U.S. Only


the aborigines of minnesota

N.H. Winchell - 1911

Two Part Set

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

An extremely rare landmark work devoted to the aboriginal occupation of Minnesota from prehistoric to modern times.  Edited by N.H. Winchell from the collection of Jacob V. Brower and the field surveys and notes of Alfred J. Hill and Theodore H. Lewis. 

Due to the sheer size of the original, a staggering 761 pages with 704 illustrations and foldouts, we have split it into two parts as the original one volume work is very unwieldy to handle, this is truly a monumental work.  All text blocks, illustrations and foldouts are full-size

This 9-1/4" x 12-1/4" (approximately), soft cover, two volume, facsimile reprint contains 761 pages and is illustrated by thirty six halftone page plates, twenty six foldout inserts and six hundred and forty two figures inserted into the text.  $54.95

An extract of this book is also available - see Earthworks in Minnesota



Selected Minnesota Mounds - Click Icon to View Detail Page

Houston County Mounds

  • La Crescent Group (Southern Part),
  • Pine Creek Group
  • Mounds near Pine Creek


Gustav's Library Volume I
PART I. The Dakota
Chapter I.  The Pre-Indian inhabitants of Minnesota
Chapter II. Aboriginal Geography of Minnesota
Chapter III. The Earliest Indians of Minnesota


Chapter I.  Records and descriptions of earthworks in Minnesota
Chapter II.  Habitations of the Dakota
Chapter III. Other Purposes of the Mounds, Burial

Gustav's Library Volume II


Chapter I. Implements of War and Chase
Chapter II.  Implements of Domestic Economy
Chapter III.  Tobacco Pipes
Chapter IV. Agriculture, Ornaments and Food
Chapter V. Articles made of Copper
Chapter VI.  Dakota traditions, myths and religion
Chapter VII.  Dakota character; Death and burial


Chapter I. History, Treaties, Missions, Reservations, of the Dakota in Minnesota


  Pictographs and Carvings


  Others of the Dakota stock in Minnesota

PART VII. The Ojibwa

Chapter I. Entrance of the Ojibwa into Minnesota
Chapter II. Changes in the customs of the Ojibwa
Chapter III. Habitations of the Ojibwa
Chapter IV. Articles manufactured by the Ojibwa
Chapter V. Food
Chapter VI. Smoking
Chapter VII. Bow, Arrow and other implements
Chapter VIII. Totems and Pictographs
Chapter IX. Dances and Medicine
Chapter X. Death and Burial


Indian Land Cessions in Minnesota and Historical Sketch of the Ojibwa

Chapter I. Treaties ceding lands in Minnesota
Chapter II. Historical Sketch of the Ojibwa
Chapter III. Ojibwa personal names


  I. Brebeuf's account of the Feast of the Dead
  II. The battle of Pokegama in 1841.
  III. A part of the walam olum tradition.
  IV. Tradition of the Delaware Indians.
  V. Some later observations.