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Media Mail Shipping $3.00 Flat Rate Per Order - U.S. Only


Pipes and Smoking Customs of the American Aborigines

Based on Material in the U.S. National Museum

Joseph D. McGuire (1898)

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

The earliest and most concerted effort to bring together information concerning the use of tobacco among the North American Indians, McGuire's sought-after classic of American archaeology continues to be studied and referenced. 

McGuire received help on this monumental work from a veritable who's who of archaeological legends:  "Among those persons whom the writer desires particularly to mention are Drs. William H. Holmes, Otis T. Mason, Thomas Wilson, and Walter Hough, of the U. S. National Museum; Maj. J. W. Powell, Mr. W J McGee, Dr. J. Walter Fewkes, Mr. P. W. Hodge, and Mr. James Mooney, of the Bureau of American Ethnology; Dr. E. A. Barber and Mr. Clarence B. Moore, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Mr. Stewart Culin and Dr. Max Uhle, of the museum of the University of Pennsylvania; Mr. Andrew E. Douglass, of New York; Mr. David Boyle, of Toronto, Canada; Rev. W. M. Beauchamp, of Baldwinsville, New York; Col. Bennett H.1 Young, of Louisville, Kentucky; Gen. A. L. Pridemore, of Lee County, Virginia; Prof. John Robinson, of Salem, Massachusetts; Mr. Warren K. Moorehead, of the Ohio State University; Capt. H. L. Scott, of the U. S. Army, and Miss Alice Fletcher, of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Also my sincere thanks are due to Prof. P. H. Uhler and Col. William H. Love, of Baltimore, Maryland, and Dr. Frank H. Knowlton and Mr. Charles Schuchert, of Washington, D. C. "

This 7" x 10",  303 page, soft cover, facsimile reprint contains 239 illustrations and 5 plates (4 are maps of pipe locations) .  $24.95



Mexican and Pueblo tubular pipes
Tubular pipes of the North American Indians
Early references to the use of tobacco
Pipe bowls without stems
Heavy animal and bird pipes
Use of pipes and tobacco by the whites
Monitor pipes
Rectangular pipes
Micmac pipes
Disk pipes
Iroquoian pipes
Bird pipes
Calumet and wampum
Mound pipes
Double conoidal pipes
Idol pipes
Great pipes
The calumet dance
Catlinite and Siouan types
Pipes of the Northwest coast
Miscellaneous Pueblo pipes
Delaware types
Indeterminate types
Southern types
Some unique types
Atlantic coast pipes
Southern mound pipes
Additional notes

Sample Illustrations - click on image to enlarge