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Media Mail Shipping $3.00 Flat Rate Per Order - U.S. Only


Archeology in Arkansas

Volume 1 - Caddo Archeology

Selected articles from the Arkansas Archeologist

Duncan P. McKinnon

2011 Reprint Edition

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

We have partnered with the Arkansas Archeological Society to produce the first of a planned 3 volumes on Arkansas archeology. This first assemblage of 13 articles from past issues of the Arkansas Archeologist features a foreword by Duncan McKinnon and focuses on Caddo archaeology.

This 8 1/4" x 10-1/2", 357 page, soft cover, facsimile reprint is profusely illustrated.  $24.95



Sample Plates - click on image to enlarge

Table of Contents

Foreword: A Review of Caddo Archeology in Arkansas
Duncan P. McKinnon

Historic Tribes of the Ouachita Drainage System in Arkansas
S. D. Dickinson (1980, Vol. 21)

Dr. Thomas L. Hodges and His Contributions to Arkansas Archeology
A. M. Early (1986, Vol. 23/24)

An Unusual Pottery Vessel from Mounds Plantation Site, Caddo Parish, Louisiana
C. H. Webb and R. R. McKinney (1963, Vol. 4)

The Hood Site in Arkansas Prehistory
F. F. Schambach (1998, Vol. 37)

Preliminary Testing at the Powell Site, 3CL9: A Temple Mound Site in Clark County, Arkansas
J. A. Scholtz (1986, Vol. 23/24)

1964 Investigations in DeGray Reservoir: The Second Season at the Powell Site
D. F. Green (1986, Vol. 23/24)

Fourche Maline and its Neighbors: Observations on an Important Woodland Period Culture of the Trans-Mississippi South
F. F. Schambach (2001, Vol. 40)

The Poole Site, 3GA3, With New Foreword and Summary by A. M. Early
W. R. Wood (1981, Vol. 22)

Preliminary Report on the 1972 Excavations at the Ferguson Site (3HE63)
F. F. Schambach (1972, Vol. 13)

The Myers Mound: Salvage Excavations at a Caddo II Site in Southwest Arkansas
J. E. Miller (1986, Vol. 23)

Ceramic Pipe Style Chronology Along the Red River Drainage
in Southwestern Arkansas, M. E. Hoffman (1967, Vol. 8)

Turquoise Beads from the Standridge Site, 3MN53
A. M. Early (1978, Vol. 19)

Some Southwestern Influences in the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex
G. E. Lankford (2006, Vol. 45)