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Media Mail Shipping $3.00 Flat Rate Per Order - U.S. Only


Archaeological Survey of Eastern Colorado

First, Second  and Third Reports


E. B. Renaud - 1931-33

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

Eastern Colorado sites surveyed under  the direction of E. B. Renaud. This publication covers various types of sites as well as: enclosures, pictographs, petroglyphs, pottery, projectile types, stone tools, etc..

Color Map of Eastern Colorado Archaeological Sites (Click to Enlarge)


     "Archaeological field work may be of two principal types. The first, logically, should consist in reconnaissance work, exploration and survey of a certain area. The purpose is to learn whether the region considered is of archaeological interest, the nature and extent of the remains to be found, their geographic distribution, possible significance and cultural relations. In other terms, it is supposed to lead to the preparation of a preliminary archaeological map and inventory of sites, a general description of the finds, a suggestion as to direction of further exploration and the selection of sites to be excavated. It must be extensive and informative. The second type of field work, on the other hand, is rather intensive and exhaustive, but limited to a site or group of sites. It deals with detailed information, with cultural sequence and characteristics, with depth and stratification, the time element, while survey work refers more to space, description, and general information.
     Since in Eastern Colorado neither type of archaeological work had ever been done, it was natural to begin by a systematic survey of the country. It was also timely, since the southwest corner of Colorado had been studied over a long period of years by several institutions and connected with the Pueblo culture, since northeastern New Mexico and western Oklahoma had been investigated by an expedition of the Colorado Museum of Natural History the previous year, and since survey work was also done in Nebraska and states East, the exploration of Eastern Colorado would link these two centers of activity and contribute a much-needed knowledge of the High Plains. The project was approved by the Smithsonian Institution, which supported the expedition to the extent of one half the expenses, the University of Denver, assisted by the Colorado Museum of Natural History, contributed the balance of the funds needed for the work. The Museum was especially interested in obtaining all available information concerning palaeontology of Eastern Colorado which could be gathered while surveying the country for archaeological purpose."     E.B. Renaud - from the Introduction Report I

This 7" x 10", 194 page, soft cover, facsimile reprint is  illustrated with a colored map of archaeological sites and many diagrams and plates.  $16.95   


Flaked Tools District Map Flaked Tools




Sample  Plates - click on image to enlarge

Table of Contents

Report I

Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII
  Eastern Colorado
The Sites. Their Distribution and Nature
The Lithic Industry of Eastern Colorado
Arrowheads. Their Typology
The Petroglyphs of Southeastern Colorado
Pottery of Eastern Colorado
Indian Stone Circles and Enclosures
List of Persons and Organizations, having furnished help to the Expedition
Collection of Indian Relics from Eastern Colorado.

Report II

Chapter  I

Chapter  II
Chapter  III
Chapter  IV

  The Archaeological Sites—Description Southern Area
        District 1. Turkey Creek Canon
        District 2. Canon City
        District 3. Fowler
        District 4. Apishapa Canon
        District 5. Las Animas
        District 6. La Veta
Northern Area
        District 1. Julesburg
        District 2. Sterling
        District 3. Nunn
        District 4. Fort Collins
        District 5. Greeley
        District 6. Fort Lupton
Denver Area
        District 1. Morrison
        District 2. Black Forest
 Number and Nature of Sites
Artifacts and Materials
Pottery of Eastern Colorado
        Arkansas Area
        Denver Area
        South Platte Area

Report III

Chapter I

Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV

Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter I. The Archaeological Sites
Distribution and Nature
   I. South Platte Basin
      A. North of Denver
         District 1. Golden
         District 2. Adams County
         District 3. Fort Lupton
         District 4. Greeley
         District 5. Nunn
      B. Southeast of Denver
         District 6. Douglas County
         District 7. Arapahoe County
         District 8. Elbert County
      C. Southwest of Denver
         District 9. Morrison
         District 10. Deckers
         District 11. Pine
         District 12. South Park
   II. Arkansas Basin
      A. West of Pueblo
         District 13. Salida
         District 14. Canon City
         District 15. Beulah
      B. South of Pueblo
         District 16. La Veta
         District 17. Fowler South
      C. Northeast of Pueblo
         District 18. Fowler North
         District 19. Aroya
   III. The San Luis Valley
         District 20. Saguache
         District 21. Sand
         District 22. Upper Rio Grande
Appendix. The Canon City Flint Artifacts
Pottery of Eastern Colorado—New Material
Petroglyphs from Southern Colorado
Basket Maker Sites in Colorado
         Fowler District
         Beulah District
Yuma and Folsom Artifacts in Colorado
La Veta Ute Skull
Reconnaissance in Western Nebraska