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Media Mail Shipping $3.00 Flat Rate Per Order - U.S. Only


Archeological History of New York

Part 1 - Aboriginal Occupation of New York


Arthur C. Parker - 1920

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

Rare  books concerning the Archaeology of the Empire State

The New York State Museum combined two of their bulletins to produce each part of this wonderful series.  Extremely well written and authoritative,

Part 1 - Bulletins 235 and 236. Archaeological description of the aboriginal occupation of New York state.  This book discusses the various occupations (Mound Builder, Eskimo, Iroquois and Algonkian) as well as in-depth descriptions of excavations of 12 sites by famous archaeologists such as: M.R. Harrington, Arthur C. Parker, E.G. Squier (of Squier and Davis fame) and Frank H. Cushing.  

 This 6"" x 9",  470 page, soft cover, facsimile reprint is illustrated with 141 full page plates and 66  in-text illustrations.    $24.95

Also Available: The Archeological History of New York, Part 2, Archaeological Atlas, Sites by County



I The Origin of Material Culture and the Distribution of the Various Races of Man
     1 The Importance of Archeological Research
     2 The Origin of Material Culture and Human Progress
     3 The Origin and Distribution of Man in North America
II The Aboriginal Occupation of New York
     1 Physiographic Features Inviting Occupation
     2 The Field of Archeology in New York
     3 Problems in New York Archeology
III Evidences of Various Occupations
     1 The Relative Frequency of Artifacts
     2 The Algonkian Occupation of New York
     3 The Eskimo like Culture
     4 The Mound-builder Occupation of New York
     5 The Iroquois Occupation of New York
IV Certain Type Sites Intensively Explored
     Burning Spring Prehistoric Iroquoian Site. Arthur C. Parker
     A Prehistoric Iroquoian Village and Burial Site in Chautauqua County. Arthur C. Parker
     A Prehistoric Iroquoian Site. Arthur C. Parker
     A Midcolonial Seneca Site in Erie County. M.Raymond Harrington
     Double Wall Fort. M. Raymond Harrington
     The Ripley Erie Site. Arthur C. Parker
     Notes on Ancient Semicircular Earthwork in Chautauqua County. M. Raymond Harrington
     The Le Roy Iroquoian Earthwork, Genesee County. E. G. Squier
     The Shelby Earthworks. Frank H. Cushing
     Prehistoric Iroquois Sites in Northern New York. M. R.Harrington
     The Owasco Algonkian Site. Arthur C. Parker
     Two Characteristic Coastal Algonkian Sites. Arthur C. Parker
V Notes on Certain Archeological Subjects

Bolas, plummets & spools Stone Human Face Effigies

Shell necklace with pendant

Pottery rim decorations The Owasco Lake Pot

Stone Ceremonials

Part 1 Sample Plates - click on image to enlarge