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The Boy's Book of Model Aeroplanes
Francis A. Collins (1910)

Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

Without a doubt two of the most intriguing books I have ever read on model airplanes. I had no idea that model airplanes (aeroplanes) were being made in 1910 & 1911, just 6 years after the Wright Brothers flight. This was the standard reference book about constructing these models as evidenced by its being referenced in Kitecraft and Kite Tournaments another of our vintage reprints click here. Unbelievable amount of illustrations for a very early work. If you are interested in early flight and/or model airplanes (aeroplanes), this is definitely the book for you.

Softbound, approximately 6" x 8", page perfect bound book contains 308 pages, 18 chapters and 52 photographs and illustrations  $16.95    



Part I - Models:  How  To  Build  And  Fly  Them
The New Sport For Boys
Why The Aeroplane Flies
How To Build A "Glider"
Building The Motor
Fine Points Of Construction
Simple Monoplane Models
Elaborating The Monoplane
Building A Biplane
Combining Monoplane And Biplane Forms
Faults And How To Mend Them
Part Ii - The History And Science Of Aviation
The First Flying Machines
Developing The Aeroplane
The Wright Brothers' Own Story
Aboard The Wrights' Airship
Other Aeroplanes Appear
Successful Monoplanes
Aerial Warfare
Sports Of The Air, Aeroplanes


 A model aeroplane rising from the water
A good specimen of plane-building
"Finish one end of the blade before cutting away the opposite  end
Model aeroplane.   Designed by Cecil Peoli
A variation on a familiar form
An excellent model designed and built by H. Wakkins
An original design built by Harry McAllister
An interesting experiment in stability
An early model built by E. G. Halpine
An interesting experiment in stability
An interesting model built by Monroe Jacobs
A  simple  model  glider
An effective glider built by R. S. Barnaby
An efficient sling-shot glider built by John Roche
Designs for sling-shot gliders
Paper gliders
An excellent glider with wooden planes
A covered-frame sling-shot glider
Percy Pierce launching a model
A French model built of aluminium
Diagram for making the planes
An imported  Flemming  Williams  model English  record 2600 feet
Working-drawing of the Flemming Williams model
Storing energy for a long distance flight
A geared model built by Leslie V. Robinson
An ingenious biplane
A well-proportioned model built by Reginald Overton
A good model intended for long-distance work built by A.C. Odom
A beautiful monoplane built by R. Mungokee
Detail of model built by R. Mungokee
An ingenious application of the dihedral angle
Diagram showing how to make a propeller from a wooden "blank"
A test of high aspect ratio planes
A modified Bleriot built by Cecil Peoli
Langeley propeller blank
A combination of several interesting features
A skilful adjustment of the front plane and skid built by Percy Pierce
Wright propeller blank
An efficient model, showing excellent construction, designed by John Caresi
One of the best minimum plane models of 1911
A metal motor anchorage
Front view of model built by W. S. Howell, Jr
A notable model possessing unusual stability. Built by W.S. Howell, Jr
A metal skid
An ingenious adjustment of airelons
Tuning up the model for a flight
Showing construction and mounting of propeller and axle
An excellent monoplane capable of long flights
Long-distance model built by Percy Pierce
Showing an excellent way of fastening the propellers to the framework
Model built by Rutledge Barry, winner of spectacular flight contest
A model by Percy Pierce, winner of the indoor long-distance record
A motor anchorage
Illustrating the proper position of right and left propellers .
A serviceable model showing excellent workmanship built by Cecil Peoli
Various steering devices
An excellent piece of workmanship.   Model by R. Mungokee
Model with minimum plane surface.    Built by A. C. Odom
The famous "one ouncer"
A small experimental model
A modified Burgess Webb model
Model with minimum plane surface
An American Flemming Williams built by C. McQueen
One of the earlier models built by Cecil Peoli
A model with adjustable stabilizer
An efficient three-ounce model
An all-metal model frame
One of the best models of the year, built by John Caresi .
An   excellent  model, showing  careful  attention to details Built by L. V. Brooks
A model with limited plane area built by R. Barry
An interesting  experiment in metal  frame building by  R.Fisher
An aeroplane of simple construction that flies remarkably well, built by R.  S. Barnaby
A remarkable model built by John Caresi
Percy Pierce, winner of the distance record
A well-proportioned model, capable of long flights
A well-designed aeroplane built by James MacPherson
A beautiful model built by Stewart Easter
A successful model of 1910 built by E. G. Halpine
Percy Pierce launching a prize-winning model
Launching the sling-shot gliders
A tractor with large plane forward built by F. W. Curtis
Model built by William Robinson
Front view of the De Lion model
Two of the earlier Peoli models

A clever folding model.


Comparing models


Diagram for plan of aeroplane on page 58.


Splitting bamboo fishing pole.


The first glider weighted at the front.


Launching the airship.


Model constructed from Diagram, plate A


A model aeroplane built from the drawing.


The propeller before cutting down.


Splitting the cigar box cover to build the propeller.


Detail of rudder and propeller of model built from drawing.