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The Bungalow Book, Charles E. White, Jr. (1923): Reprint of the original 1923 first edition of Charles E. White, Jr.'s classic work. It's absolutely amazing how many innovative things that we think of as "modern" were available in the early 1920's. Even centralized vacuum systems are described in this landmark book! Mr. White describes construction techniques and then moves on to the designs of efficient bungalow garages, complete with chauffeur's lodging. This book is an owners manual for your bungalow.

Soft cover, 6" x 8", 221 pages, printed on smooth, heavyweight paper to best display the many diagrams and illustrations.  $16.95  

A Book of California Bungalows, Alfred E. Gwynn Co. (1910):  A really nice bungalow plan book printed circa 1909 for the Alfred E. Gwynn Company in Los Angeles, California. According to this book, Los Angeles is "The Home Of The Bungalow". The three pages of bungalow interiors are a nice touch and of particular note are the 8 full pages of vintage advertisements that accompany this early catalog with items such as pocket door mechanisms, disappearing beds, stone contracting, Acme paint, Browne hot air furnace, Morgan Perfect Hardwood Doors, Holland electrical contractor, Mission Fixture Company lighting fixtures, etc. The originals are scarce and quite expensive.

Soft cover, 8" x 10-3/4", 88 pages, 37 bungalow photo/floor plan sets and 3 pages of bungalow interiors.  $12.95


Henry Saylor (1911)

This is undoubtedly Henry H. Saylor's finest work on the bungalow - which was first published in 1911. It was so popular that it went through three additional editions and finally culminated in this expanded edition. The original vintage book is quite rare and expensive these days. Mr. Saylor explains the 10 types of bungalows (including Tent Bungalows) and then proceeds into water supply, interiors, furnishings, gardening, lighting, sewage, etc. Very comprehensive. I particularly like the planting portion of the book.

Soft cover, 7-1/2" x 9-1/4", 209 pages, 15 chapters, 64 illustrated bungalows with accompanying floor plans and many other illustrations. $18.95

The Homebuilder, Homebuilding Society (1923): A One of the best bungalow publications of the American Arts & Crafts Movement. This 190 page book has it all - from bungalow pictures and floor plans to articles on heating, landscape gardening, construction techniques, heating, stucco, face brick, electric lighting, etc. Highly recommended reading for the bungalow aficionado.

Soft cover, 8 1/2" x 11", 190 pages, profusely illustrated with scores of photographs and illustrations. $18.95

The Wilson Bungalow - Wilson Company (1910):   Called the Bungalowman, Henry L. Wilson of Chicago, Illinois certainly lived up to his nickname as his 1910 catalog of bungalow plans and interiors is now considered a classic. Profusely illustrated bungalows with floor plans, bungalow interiors and Wilson bungalow doors.
"In the Bungalow, if properly designed, is combined grace, beauty and comfort at a minimum cost. In its arrangement as set forth in this book, the problem of easy housekeeping and homemaking is reduced almost to an exact science."

Soft cover, 7-3/4" x 10-3/4",159 pages, 140 photographs and illustrations, 112 bungalows/floor plans,23 bungalow interiors and 8 Wilson bungalow door illustrations. $17.95

The Efficient Kitchen, Georgie Boynton Child (1914):   Georgie Boynton Child's classic work; The Efficient Kitchen. Most modern books concerning craftsman architecture either gloss over the kitchen or ignore it completely. This book discusses this extremely important room in detail and explains many of the mysteries that we are confronted with when we look at our small kitchens. It also provides an extremely interesting view into daily life in the bungalow era and how people were trying new ideas to mold their modern times. Whether you are remodeling or restoring your bungalow, or just want to know more about your kitchen and how it's best utilized, you will definitely appreciate this book. This book is an owners manual for your bungalow's kitchen!

Soft cover, 6" x 8", 242 pages, printed on smooth, heavyweight paper to best display the many diagrams and illustrations. $16.95

The 'Making' Book Bungalow Series - Floors (1915), Garage (1913), Walls & Ceilings (1915):  In the first part of the 20th century, 1912 to 1915, McBride, Nast & Company of New York produced what they intended to be "a complete library of authoritative and well illustrated handbooks dealing with the activities of the home-maker and amateur gardener".  You may well recognize some of the authors' names.  An original edition of A. Raymond Ellis' book 'The Garage' now sells for upwards of $150.00.  Each volume is softbound and approximately 5-1/4" x 7-1/2".

Floors (1915)   - Abbot McClure, 64 pages: Introductory, Concrete-Tile-Mosaic-Stone-Brick Floors, Wooden Floors New & Remade, Patent-Composition-Miscellaneous Floors, Floor Finishes & Care of Floors.

The Garage (1913)   - A. Raymond Ellis, 64 pages: Choice of A Style, Location, The Gasoline Tank, Some Details of Planning, The Concrete Garage, The Pipe-Frame Garage, The Frame and Stucco Garage, Concrete Block Wall Construction, Miscellaneous Suggestions.

Walls & Ceilings (1915) - H.D. Eberlein, 59 pages  Introduction, Walls, Wooden Ceilings, Plaster Ceilings, Miscellaneous Materials.

Softcover, perfectbound, 187 total pages. $12.95 


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