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Media Mail Shipping $3.00 Flat Rate Per Order - U.S. Only



Bungalow Planting Guide, George Wyman (1922): In 1922, the Framingham Nurseries in Framingham, Massachusetts produced one of the best landscaping guides of the Bungalow-Era. This is a reprint of the original 1922 edition of George Wyman's Beautiful Home Surroundings. Having a bungalow ourselves, we searched for quite a while to find a vintage book that could help us to landscape it authentically. On the last page (Preserve This Book), Mr. Wyman advises the reader: "If, after your home grounds are sufficiently beautified, you find you do not need this book, pass it along to your neighbor. He, and also ourselves, will thank you." We are happy to comply!

Soft cover, 6-3/4" x 9-1/4", 50 pages, printed on smooth, heavyweight paper to best display its many pictures and illustrations. $12.95

The 'Making' Book Gardening Series - Fences Walls & Hedges (1914),  Rock Garden (1912), Shrubbery (1912):  In the first part of the 20th century, 1912 to 1915,  McBride, Nast & Company of New York produced what they intended to be "a complete library of authoritative and well illustrated handbooks dealing with the activities of the home-maker and amateur gardener".  You may well recognize some of the authors' names.  Grace Tabor was very famous and was one of the first women landscape architects.  We also carry another book by her - 'The Suburban Garden'.

Each volume is softbound and approximately 5-1/4" x 7-1/2".

Fences Walls and Hedges (1914)  - W.H. Butterfield, 66 pages:  Introduction, Fences and Their Construction (gates, wire fences, iron fences, treillage), Walls-Stone (wall gardens, walls of 2 or more materials, concrete, cost), Hedges (planting, pruning, varieties)

Rock Garden (1912)   - H.S. Adams, 52 pages: The Rock Garden, Choice of A Site, Work of Construction, Planting a Garden, Plants for a Rock Garden, Wall Garden, Water & Bog Gardens. 

Shrubbery (1912)  - Grace Tabor, 54 pages: What is Shrubbery For?. Various Kinds of Shrubbery Groups, Select & Grouping, Planting and General Care (20 Shrubs for General Effect, 10 Shrubs Furnishing All-Summer Bloom, Planting for Winter Beauty), Comparative Lists of Shrubs (blooming in March & April, blooming in May, blooming in June, blooming in July, blooming in August, blooming in September,  Evergreen Shrubs).

Softcover, perfectbound, 172 total pages. $12.95 

The California Garden Book, Angier (1906):  

An early treatise on the California Garden by Belle Sumner Angier.

View sample plates by clicking here

6-1/2" x 9", soft cover, facsimile reprint, 141 pages of text and 20 full page photographs $14.95


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