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A Study of the Glacial Kame Culture

In Michigan, Ohio and Indiana

Wilbur M. Cunningham (1943)

With an Appendix by

James B. Griffin

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

Cunningham's study of the Glacial Kame Culture.

This 6" x 9" soft cover, perfect bound facsimile reprint contains 83 pages, 11 of which are full page plates.  $12.95



The Burch Site
List of Articles
Shell Beads
Shell Gorgets
Sandal-Sole or Moccasin-Last Shell Gorgets
Shell Gorgets with Six Perforations
Related Sites
The Harrison Site
The Zimmerman Site
The Ridgeway Site
Other Sites in Hardin County, Ohio
Specimens from Mercer County, Ohio
Glacial Kame Sites in Indiana
Sandal-Sole Gorgets from Illinois
Related Sites in Ontario
The Picton Burial
Other Related Finds
Importance of Shells to Historic Indians
Comments on Unusual Depth of Burials
Summary on Sandal-Sole Artifacts and Associated Articles
Appendix A. An Interpretation of the Glacial Kame Culture. By James B. Griffin

Plates and Illustrations

I. Specimens from the Burch Site, Branch County, Michigan.
Fig. 1. Shell disk beads.
Fig. 2. Small string of copper beads.
Fig. 3. Copper gorget with two punched holes.
Fig. 4. Copper awl with square cross section.
Figs. 5-7. Three shell gorgets with one central and two marginal perforations.
II. Figs. 1-3. Broken shell gorgets from the Burch site. Figs. 4-5. Two oblong gorgets from the Burch site.
III. Figs. 1-5. Five sandal-sole gorgets from the Burch site. Figs. 6-7. Two shell gorgets of unusual shape from the Burch
IV. Fig. 1. Slate birdstone from the Harrison site, Kalamazoo County, Michigan.
Fig. 2. Banded slate birdstone from a gravel pit burial two and one-half miles west of Lynn, Randolph County, Indiana. V. Broken sandal-sole gorget with crack-lacing holes from Picton, Ontario.
VI. Fig. 1. Broken sandal-sole gorget from a gravel bank on the Otis Stiner farm, two miles north of Kenton, Ohio.
Fig. 2. Engraved sandal-sole gorget from Hardin County, Ohio, with "toe" end restored.
Fig. 3 and 5. Sandal-sole gorgets from Fort Recovery, Mercer County, Ohio.
Fig. 4. Sandal-sole gorget identified as from "Kahokia Mound," Illinois.
Fig. 6. Sandal-sole gorget from a grave in Putnam County, Ohio.
Fig. 7. Gorget suggestive of the sandal-sole type, probably from a mound in Schuyler County, Illinois.
VII. Artifacts from the Mulen site, Randolph County, Indiana. Fig. 1. Engraved sandal-sole gorget.
Fig. 2. Sandal-sole gorget.
Fig. 3. Broken sandal-sole gorget.
Fig. 4. Celt of black slate.
Fig. 5. Tubular pipe of limestone.
VIII. Fig. 1. Shell and bone artifacts from the Zimmerman site, Hardin County, Ohio.
Fig. 2. A marine gastropod {Cassis sp. ?) shell, a small string of copper beads, a large string of copper beads, and a small Woodland vessel from the Zimmerman site.
IX. Shell gorgets from the Ridgeway site, Mercer County, Ohio.
X. Fig. 1. Large, flat-base platform pipe, probably of red Ohio pipestone, from Allen County, Indiana.
Fig. 2. Slate gorget found on the surface in Van Buren County, Michigan.
Fig. 3. Slate gorget found on the surface in Berrien County, Michigan.
XI. Fig. 1. Front view of a skull, with the lower jaw missing, from the Burch site. Fig. 2. Side view of skull from the Burch site.
i. Sites attributed to the Glacial Kame culture
Shell and Bone Artifacts, Hardin County, Ohio Birdstone, Randolph County, Indiana Sandal-Sole Gorget, Picton,  Ontario
  Shell Beads, Copper Beads, Copper Gorget, Copper Awl, Burch  Site, Michigan Shell Gorgets, Burch  Site, Michigan  
Sample Plate Illustrations - click on image to enlarge