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Warren King Moorehead (1866-1939), Archaeologist and Author

Gustav's Library Reprints of W.K. Moorehead

Prehistoric Implements Cover

Prehistoric Relics Cover

Prehistoric Implements Moorehead

Prehistoric Relics  Moorehead


Hematite Implements Cover

Hematite Implements Moorehead

Stone Ornaments Moorehead

About the Author: Warren King Moorehead (1866-1939) was curator of the Museum of Ohio State University from1894 to1897. He became the first curator of the Peabody Museum as well as head of the Philips Academy Archaeology Department, Andover, Massachusetts in 1901. After retirement, he served on the United States Board of Indian Commissioners from 1909 to 1933. At the time of his appointment to the Board of Indian Commissioners he was considered the most knowledgeable man in America concerning the American Aborigine.

A prolific writer, he produced a great number of books and scholarly works concerning archaeology and the American Indian.  Not limited to just fellow archaeologists, many of his literary works were aimed at artifact collectors and the common man to raise the level of awareness of the United States' archaeological heritage.

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