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Media Mail Shipping $3.00 Flat Rate Per Order - U.S. Only


Mound Builders of Illinois

Descriptive Of Certain Mounds And Village Sites In The American Bottoms And Along The Kaskaskia And Illinois Rivers

Addison J. Throop - 1928

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

Indtended as an Illinois specific work on mound builders, Throop covers the area known as the American Bottoms:   

"The American Bottoms, the alluvial bottomlands bordering the Mississippi River, from Alton to Chester and below, as well as the bordering hills on both sides of the Father of Waters, show abundant proof that in this district was prehistoric man's greatest development north of the Rio Grande."

This 6-1/2" x 9-1/2", soft cover book contains 78 pages with 26 illustrations and one foldout with petroglyphs,  panorama view and map of Cahokia Mound Group.  $10.95  


Cahokia Mound in 1904 Foldout

Petroglyphs Foldout
Cahokia Group Map

Sample  Plates - click on image to enlarge


Mound Builders of Illinois
Abundance of Flint Hoes in "Bottoms"
Relics of Bone
Relics of Seashell
Pottery of the American Bottoms
Relics of Wood, Skin and Basketry Missing
Burial Customs
Can We Reconstruct Life by Study of Burials?
Stone Graves
Jackson County
Near Roots, Randolph County
Stone Burials Near Fults, Monroe County
St. Clair and Madison Counties
Rattlesnake Mound, St. Clair County
John B. Rolle Village Site, St. Clair County
Site at French Village, St. Clair County
"Dickson's Mound Builders," near Lewiston, Fulton County
The Original Americans
Virginia Indians, in 1584, Were Clean, Thrifty
Character Qualities of Known Red Men
Prof. Moorehead Pays Tribute to Red Race
Ohio-Illinois Indians Were Brave
Unscrupulous Traders Curse to Indians
Chiefs Logan, Cornstalk and Tecumseh Were Great Men
Too Much Emphasis Placed on Battle-Cruelty
Government Made Treaties; Upheld Trespassers
Many "Frontiersmen" Were Dissolute Fellows
Indians Lived Comfortably in Cabins
Destroyer Williamson Meets Real Indian Fighters
Logan, Great Orator; Tecumseh, Great War Chief
Prof. Moorehead Displays Ancient War Flag
Agriculture of the Red Men
Hariot, 1587, Describes Crops Cultivated
Beverly Gives Evidence of Long Cultivation of Maize
Marquette and Others Add Interesting Testimony
Modern Corn-Crib of Indian Origin
DeSoto's Chroniclers Tell of Abundant Indian Crops
America's Debt to the Red Men
Did Thousands Leave American Bottoms Suddenly?
Injun Stuff (a Poem)


Cahokia Mound, from Photo Taken in 1904
Cliff Carvings from near Alton
Peterson's and McAdams Map of the Cahokia Mounds
Flint Tools in St. Clair County Cache
Notched Hoes Found in East St. Louis
Flint Spades Found near East St. Louis
Flared Spades from Three Neighboring Counties
Flared Spades or Hoes from the American Bottoms
Various Types of Notched Hoes
Interesting Find near Centreville Station, St. Clair County
Cahokia Arrowheads
Persimmon Mound
Pipe, Human Figure, from Jersey County
Bowl, Human Head, from Blythesville, Arkansas
Pipe, Frog Figure, from near Centreville, St. Clair County
Ceremonial Sceptre from Mound near Cahokia
Effigy Pottery of the American Bottoms
Dickson's Mound Builders, Horizontal View
Dickson's Mound Builders, "Bird's Eye" View
Pottery from Dickson's Mound
Pipes, etc., from Dickson's Mound
Collection of Arrowheads, etc., from Dickson's Mound
Effigy Pot and Concretions Found in Mound and Grave
Vessels from Offermann's Mound, Monroe County
Dickson's Unfinished New Work
Our Relic Cabinet