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Media Mail Shipping $3.00 Flat Rate Per Order - U.S. Only

Petroglyphs of Oregon
University of Oregon Monographs
Studies in Anthroplogy Number 2, June, 1937
L. S. Cressman - 1937

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

Petroglyphs found in the Beaver State.

"Concerning this study of petroglyphs in Oregon:  The question naturally arises, "How nearly complete is the list of sites ?" That is difficult to answer accurately. However, subsequent checkup in the field, interrogation of people who know the country, the frequency with which the same sites were listed in our correspondence, and failure to elicit further information which was sought concerning additional sites while the known ones were being examined, lead the writer to believe that probably ninety per cent or more of all the "rock writings" in Oregon have been studied. There are some isolated sites referred to in this paper which were not visited. In some cases, as where the site is a series of playa lakes with an area from a half-mile to a mile and a half square, some designs may have been missed; but it may be assumed that the general characters of the designs of such a site have been indicated in those recorded. Even if this estimate is unduly optimistic, there is certainly not the least doubt that an excellent and representative sample has been collected." (From the foreword)

Distribution of Sites on Physiographic Map

Distribution map of petrolyphs depicting human figures

Site 4. Indian Caves

Site 3, Yoncalla

This 6-1/2" x 9-1/2", 78 page, soft cover, facsimile reprint is profusely illustrated with 4 photographic plates, 52 illustrations, 22 design type maps and 2 foldouts of distribution of sites on state and physiographic maps and a  large foldout of design types by site.  $14.95  




  List Of Illustrations
Part I. Description Of Sites
Part II. Distribution Of Sites
Part III. Distribution Of Designs
Part IV. General Considerations
Part V. Chronology
Part VI. Conclusion

Key to Illustrations

  FIG. 1. Site 2, Cascadia
FIG. 2. Site 5, Devil's Lake
FIG. 3. Site 6, Tumalo Creek Trail
FIG. 4. Site 7, Tumalo
FIG. 5. Site 9, Dry River Gorge
FIG. 6. Site 10, Crooked River Gorge
FIG. 7. Site 10, Crooked River Gorge
FIG. 8. Site 12, McKay Creek
FIG. 9. Site 13, Powell Ranch
FIG. 10. Site 14, Shearer's Bridge
FIG. 11. Site 15, Fisher's Ranch
FIG. 12. Site 16, King's
FIG. 13. Site 17, Clarno
FIG. 14. Site 18, Mikkalo
FIG. IS. Site 20, Picture Gorge
FIG. 16. Site 21, Picture Gorge
FIG. 17. Site 22, Dayville
FIG. 18. Site 23, Hall Ranch
FIG 19. Site 25, Big Wocas
FIG. 19a. Site 25, Big Wocas
FIG. 20. Site 26, Picture Pass
FIG. 20a. Site 26, Picture Pass
FIG. 21. Site 29, Willow Creek
FIG. 22. Site 30, Abert Rim
FIG. 23. Site 31, Stone Bridge
FIG. 24. Site 32, Adel
FIG. 25. Site 33, Sucker Creek
FIG. 26. Site 36, Long Lake
FIG. 27. Site 37, Rims North of Long Lake
FIG. 28. Site 38, Lyon Ranch
FIG. 29. Site 40, Pot Holes
FIG. 30. Site 41, Silver
FIG. 31. Site 43, Narrows
FIG. 32. Site 44, Buena Vista Ranch
FIG. 33. Site 45, Bull Rock
FIG. 34. Site 46, "P" Ranch
FIG. 35. Site 47, "P" Ranch
FIG. 36. Site 50, Venator
FIG. 37. Site 52, Hole-in-the-Ground Ranch
FIG. 38. Site 53, Watson
FIG. 39. Site 54, Jordan River near Arock
FIG. 40. Site 56, Murphy Ranch
FIG. 41. Site 57, North of Arock
FIG. 42. Site 58, Yturrionobeitia Ranch
FIG. 43. Site 59, Willow Creek
FIG. 44. Site 60, Riddle Ranch
FIG. 45. Humans
FIG. 46. Lizards
FIG. 47. Rain Symbols
FIG. 48. Rakes.
FIG. 49. Humans with Headdress and Horned Humans
FIG. 50. Quadrupeds
FIG. 51. Hands.
FIG. 52. Dancing Figures


    1. Distribution of Sites (With Numbers)
  2. Distribution of Sites on Physiographic Map
  3. Human Figures
  4. Wavy or Zigzag Lines
  5. Circles
  6. Lizards
  7. Rectangular Grids
  8. Series of Short Parallel Lines
  9. Concentric Circles
10. Dot Series
11. Rain Symbols
12. Rakes
13. Double Loops
.14. Humans with Headdress
15. Horned Humans
16. Connected Circles
17. Circles in Series
18. Ladders
19. Floral Designs
20. Sun Disks
21. Cog Wheels
22. Mountain Sheep


I. Site 3, Yoncalla
II. Site 4, Indian Caves
III. Site 37, Rim North of Long Lake
IV. Site 48, Catlow Cave

Distribution of Design Types by Site