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Media Mail Shipping $3.00 Flat Rate Per Order - U.S. Only

Ozark Bluff-Dwellers

M.R. Harrington

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

If you're interested in the archaeology of rockshelters of the Ozarks, you won't find a better fit than this book by M.R. Harrington.  As with some other rock shelter and cave sites, a wealth of artifacts made from perishable materials such as wood and cane were found.  Some of the more unique are a wooden atlatl and hafted implements including a celt, axe and shell hoe.

This 6" x 8-1/2", soft cover,  facsimile reprint has 183 text pages  with 16 in-text figures and 47  full page plates of engravings and photographs.   $18.95


Baby Carrier Bittner Rock Shelter

Cane Burden Basket

Stone Axe - original hafting Indian Bluff Rock Shelter

Shell Hoe - original hafting

Sample  Plates - click on image to enlarge


Breckenridge Rockshelter
Huffman Rockshelter
Salts Bluff Rockshelters
Spots Rockshelter
Blowing Spring Rockshelter
Red Bluff Rockshelter
Boucher Bluff and Hollow
Clifty Creek Rockshelters
Indian Bluff Rockshelter
Bushwhack Bluff Rockshelter
Allred Bluff Rockshelter
Fate Webb Rockshelter
Alum Cave Rockshelter
Upper White River
Scenic Bluff Rockshelter
Elk Spring Rockshelter
Bonebrake Bluff Rockshelter
White Bluff Rockshelter
Howard Rockshelter
Kings River
Bittner Rockshelter
Final Explorations
Newton County Rockshelter
The Bluff-Dweller Culture
Post Bluff-Dweller Culture
Pre Bluff-Dweller People


An Ozark Bluff-dweller
Map of the rockshelters on White River
Plan of Breckenridge Rockshelter
Plan of Salts Bluff Rockshelter
Baby-carrier of cane
Hafted stone celt. Mussel shell hoe
Plan of Blowing Spring Rockshelter
Indian Bluff Rockshelter; north section
Plan of Indian Bluff Rockshelter; north section
Plan of Indian Bluff Rockshelter; south section
Basketry lining, Pit 2, Indian Bluff Rockshelter
Plan of Bushwhack Bluff Rockshelter
Bag of acorns, Bushwhack Bluff Rockshelter
Burial in Pit 17, Bushwhack Bluff Rockshelter
Plan of Allred Bluff Rockshelter
Wooden atlatl. Hafted stone axe
Burials in Pit 8. Allred Bluff Rockshelter
Human pelvis with imbedded projectile point
Woven bag
Alum Cave Rockshelter
Plan of Elk Spring Rockshelter
Plan of Bonebrake Rockshelter
Bittner Rockshelter
Bluff-dweller metate. Fish or rabbit net
Chipped flints
Foreshafts for atlatl darts
Grass breechclout
Deerskin moccasin and legging
Woven sandal. Grass overshoe
Objects of shell
Objects of stone
Objects of wood
Objects of wood
Tied sticks and worked bark strip
Objects of cane
Objects of cane
Basketry designs
Cane baskets
Cane basket; grass bag
Cane burden basket
Basketry techniques
Woven bags
Conical bag; temporary bag
Matting techniques
Objects from medicine bag
Objects of stone and antler
Burial 3, Blowing Spring Rockshelter