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Media Mail Shipping $3.00 Flat Rate Per Order - U.S. Only

Related Links
Texas Archeological Society - Home Page
Texas Archaeological Society

If you are interested in Texas archaeology, this is the site for you. Over the years, they have provided excellent books and articles on Texas archaeology.

Texas Beyond History: The Virtual Museum of Texas' Cultural Heritage

Texas Beyond History

Information in the form of multi-level exhibits.  The Texas Archaeological Society has been a supporting partner of Texas Beyond History since its inception.


Mound City Relics

This is a relatively new site, collectors will be especially interested in the GPS information for surface hunting methodology.


Archaeological Society of Ohio


Authentic Artifacts Collectors Association (AACA)


Central States Archaeological Societies endeavors to develop a better understanding among students and collectors of archaeological material, professionals, as well as museums and institutions of learning, and to further this understanding by providing a means of publishing articles of interest by both professional and amateur archaeologists. Write your page in history with the Central States Archaeological Societies journal, Americas oldest publication of its kind.

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