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Media Mail Shipping $3.00 Flat Rate Per Order - U.S. Only


Societies in Eclipse

Archaeology of the Eastern Woodlands Indians, A.D. 1400-1700

Edited by David S. Brose, C. Wesley Cowan, and Robert C. Mainfort, Jr. (2001)

 A Smithsonian Institution Press Release

These books were published by the now defunct Smithsonian Institution Press and have been out of print for about 5 years or so.  Dr. Brose, who we met through a mutual friend, was gracious enough to allow us to offer a small quantity of them to our customers from his limited stock.  These are brand new,  right out of the box originals - in mint condition. 

The book centers around the indigent cultures of the United States and what happened when their paths intersected with the first Europeans.  This is very early in U.S. history 1400-1700 and although much has been written about the South American meetings the situation in our country has not been presented in such a thorough and concise manner as this work exhibits.

While contact with explorers, missionaries, and traders made a significant impact on natives of the Eastern Woodlands, the cultures of these American Indian peoples cannot be solely understood from the historical record. Here, in Societies in Eclipse, archaeologists combine recent research with insights from ecology, anthropology, historiography, and oral tradition to examine the cultural landscape preceding and immediately following the arrival of Europeans. The evidence they marshal documents that native societies were in the process of significant cultural and ecological transformation well prior to contact.

Since we have recently been working on Ft. Ancient reprints, one of my favorite chapters is, naturally enough,  Transformation of the Fort Ancient Cultures of the Central Ohio Valley.   

This 8-1/2" x 11",  283 page, soft cover original,  contains 16 chapters, 80 illustrations and 20 tables.  Smithsonian Cover Price $29.95  Our Price $22.95



Introduction to Eastern North America at the Dawn of European Colonization
David S. Brose

The Distribution of Eastern Woodlands Peoples at the Prehistoric and Historic Interface
George R. Milner, David G. Anderson, and Marvin T. Smith

Evolution of the Mohawk Iroquois
Dean R. Snow

Change and Survival among the Onondaga Iroquois since 1500
James W. Bradley

Contact, Neutral Iroquoian Transformation, and the Little Ice Age
William R. Fitzgerald

Penumbral Protohistory on Lake Erie's South Shore
David S. Brose

The Protohistoric Monongahela and the Case for an Iroquois Connection
William C.Johnson

Transformation of the Fort Ancient Cultures of the Central Ohio Valley
Penelope B. Drooker and C. Wesley Cowan

Monacan Archaeology of the Virginia Interior, A.D. 1400-1700
Jeffrey L. Hantman

Tribes and Traders on the North Carolina Piedmont, a.d. 1000-1710
H. Trawick Ward and R. P. Stephen Davis Jr.

The Rise and Fall of Coosa, A.D. 1350-1700
Marvin T. Smith

The Emergence and Demise of the Calusa
William H. Marquardt

The Late Prehistoric and Protohistoric Periods in the Central Mississippi Valley
Robert C. Mainfort Jr.

The Vacant Quarter Hypothesis and the Yazoo Delta
Stephen Williams

Prelude to History on the Eastern Prairies
James A. Brown and Robert F. Sasso

David Hurst Thomas

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