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Media Mail Shipping $3.00 Flat Rate Per Order - U.S. Only


An Introductory Handbook of Texas Archeology

 Dee Ann Suhm and Alex D. Krieger

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

Undoubtedly the best state specific archaeological book we’ve found so far. The first half of the book contains the descriptions of sites and cultures and the second half is devoted to pottery and point typology with pictures of thousands of artifacts. Truly a comprehensive and detailed work, the originals are quite scarce and sell for $500.00 to $600.00 … if you can find one.

Please take a look at the Table of Contents (below) to see the level of detail contained in this fine publication.

This 7-1/2" x 10-1/2", 582 page, soft cover, facsimile reprint is illustrated with 134 plates and descriptions. $29.95


Sample Pottery and Point Type Plates (click image to enlarge)




Trans-Pecos Area
     Western Trans-Pecos Texas
     Southeastern Trans-Pecos Texas
     Paleo-American Stage
     Western Trans-Pecos Area
          Archaic Stage
          Hueco Phase
     Neo-American Stage
          Mesilla Phase
          Dona Ana Phase
          El Paso Phase
          Bravo Valley Aspect
          La Junta Focus
     Historic Stage
          Concepcion Focus
          Conchos Focus
Southeastern Trans-Pecos Area
     Archaic Stage
          Early Lithic Complexes of the Big Bend
          Pecos River Focus (Big Bend Aspect)
          Chisos Focus (Big Bend Aspect)
     Neo-American Stage
          Livermore Focus
     Historic Stage
Panhandle-Plains Area
     Paleo-American Stage
          Miami Site, Roberts County
          Lipscomb Site, Lipscomb County
          Lubbock Site, Lubbock County
          Plainview Site, Hale County
          Colorado City Site, Mitchell County
          Scharbauer Site, Midland County
     Archaic Stage
     Nee-American Stage
          Antelope Creek Focus
     Historic Stage
North-Central Area
     Paleo-American Stage
          Lagow Sand Pits Site, Dallas County Archaic Stage
          Carrollton Focus (Trinity Aspect)
          Elam Focus (Trinity Aspect)
     Neo-American Stage
          Henrietta Focus
          Wylie Focus
     Historic Stage
          Spanish Fort Site
Central Area
     Paleo-American Stage
          Kincaid Site, Uvalde County
          Montell Shelter, Uvalde County
     Archaic Stage
          Edwards Plateau Aspect
     Neo-American Stage
          Central Texas Aspect
     Historic Stage
          Coastal Area
     Paleo-American Stage
          Buckner Ranch Site, Bee County
     Archaic Stage
          Aransas Focus
     Neo-American Stage
          Rockport Focus
          Galveston Bay Focus
          Brownsville Focus
Southwest Texas
     Paleo-American Stage
     Archaic Stage
          Falcon Focus
          Mier Focus
     Neo-American Stage
     Historic Stage
East Texas
     Paleo-American Stage
     Archaic Stage
          East Texas Aspect
     Neo-American Stage
          Alto Focus (Gibson Aspect)
          Gahagan Focus (Gibson Aspect)
          Haley Focus (Gibson Aspect)
          Sanders Focus (Gibson Aspect)
          Spiro Focus (Gibson Aspect)
          Frankston Focus (Fulton Aspect)
          Titus Focus (Fulton Aspect)
          Bossier Focus (Fulton Aspect)
          Belcher Focus (Fulton Aspect)
          Texarkana Focus (Fulton Aspect)
          Mid-Ouachita Focus (Fulton Aspect)
          McCurtain Focus (Fulton Aspect)
     Historic Stage
          Allen Focus (Fulton Aspect)
          Glendora Focus (Fulton Aspect)
          Hunt and Clements Sites (Fulton Aspect)
          Kaufman Site (Fulton Aspect)


Caddoan Pottery Types
     Avery Engraved (Plates 1, 2)
     Bailey Engraved (Plate 3)
     Barkman Engraved (Plate 4)
     Belcher Engraved (Plate 5)
     Belcher Ridged (Plate 6)
     Blakely Engraved (Plate 7)
     Bowie Engraved (Plate 8)
     Bullard Brushed (Plate 9)
     Canton Incised (Plate 10)
     Cass Appliqued (Plate 11)
     Clements Brushed (Plate 12)
     Cowhide Stamped (Plate 13)
     Crockett Curvilinear Incised (Plates 14-16)
     Davis Incised (Plate 17)
     Dunkin Incised (Plate 18)
     East Incised (Plate 19)
     Foster Trailed-Incised (Plate 20)
     Friendship Engraved (Plate 21)
     Fulton Aspect Effigy Bowls (Plate 22)
     Fulton Aspect Effigy Vessels (Plate 23)
     Fulton Aspect Rattle Bowls and Noded Bowls (Plate 24)
     Glassell Engraved (Plate 25)
     Haley Engraved and Handy Engraved (Plate 26)
     Haley Complicated Incised (Plate 27)
     Harleton Appliqued (Plate 28)
     Hatchel Engraved (Plate 29)
     Hempstead Engraved (Plate 30)
     Hickory Fine Engraved (Plate 31)
     Hodges Engraved (Plates 32, 33)
     Holly Fine Engraved (Plates 34, 35)
     Hudson Engraved (Plate 36)
     Hume Engraved (Plate 37)
     Karnack Brushed-Incised (Plate 38)
     Keno Trailed (Plate 39)
     Kiam Incised (Plate 40)
     Killough Pinched (Plate 41)
     LaRue Neck Banded (Plate 42)
     McKinney Plain (Plate 43)
     Maddox Engraved (Plate 44)
     Maxey Noded Redware (Plate 45)
     Maydelle Incised (Plate 46)
     Means Engraved (Plate 47)
     Military Road Incised (Plate 48)
     Monkstown Fingernail Impressed (Plate 49)
     Nash Neck Banded (Plate 50)
     Natchitoches Engraved (Plate 51)
     Patton Engraved (Plate 52)
     Pease Brushed-Incised (Plate 53)
     Pennington Punctated-Incised (Plate 54)
     Poynor Engraved (Plates 55, 56)
     Ripley Engraved (Plates 57-59)
     Sanders Plain (Plate 60)
     Sanders Engraved (Plate 61)
     Simms Engraved (Plate 62)
     Sinner Linear Punctated (Plate 63)
     Spiro Engraved (Plate 64)
     Taylor Engraved (Plates 65, 66)
     Weches Fingernail Impressed (Plate 67)
     Wilder Engraved (Plate 68)
     Miscellaneous Fulton Aspect Utility (Plate 69)
     Miscellaneous Fulton and Gibson Aspect Utility (Plate 70)
     Belcher Plain
     Bowles Creek Plain
     Duren Neck Banded
     Hardy Incised
     Keota Curvilinear Incised
     Smithport Plain
     Wilkinson Punctated
Coastal Pottery Types
     Goose Creek Plain (Plate 71)
     Goose Creek Incised (Plate 72)
     Rockport Black-on-gray (Plate 73)
     Rockport Plain
     Rockport Incised
Central Texas Pottery Types
     Leon Plain (Plate 74)
     Miscellaneous (Plate 74)
North-Central Pottery Types
     Nocona Plain
Panhandle-Plains Pottery Types
     Borger Cordmarked (Plates 75, 76)
Trans-Pecos Pottery Types (Non-Puebloan)
Conchos Red-on-Brown and others
Puebloan Pottery Types Occurring in Texas (list of references)

Spear-Point Types
     Almagre Points (Plate 77)
     Pogo Points (Plate 78)
Dart-Point Types
     Abasolo Points (Plate 79)
     Angostura Points (Plate 80)
     Baird Beveled Blade Points
     Bulverde Points (Plate 81)
     Carrollton Points (Plate 82, A-L)
     Castroville Points (Plate 83)
     Catan Points (Plate 84)
     Clovis Points (Plate 85)
     Dallas Pentagonal Points
     Darl Points (Plate 86)
Denton Nub-Stemmed Points
     Desmuke Points (Plate 87)
     Eden Points (Plate 92, P-R)
     Edgewood Points (Plate 88)
     Elam Points (Plate 82, M-U)
     Ellis Points (Plate 89)
     Ensor Points (Plate 90)
     Fairland Points (Plate 91)
     Folsom Points (Plate 92, A-O)
     Frio Points (Plate 93)
     Gary Points (Plate 94)
     Juno Broad Base Points
     Kent Points (Plate 95)
     Kinney Points (Plate 96)
     Lange Points (Plate 97)
     Langtry Points (Plate 98)
     Lerma Points (Plate 99)
Long Points
     Marcos Points (Plate 100)
     Marshall Points (Plate 101)
     Martindale Points (Plate 102)
     Matamoros Points (Plate 103)
     Meserve Points (Plate 104)
     Montell Points (Plate 105)
     Morhiss Points (Plate 106)
     Morrill Points (Plate 107)
     Nolan Points (Plate 108)
     Paisano Points (Plate 109, A-L)
     Palmillas Points (Plate 110)
     Pandale Points (Plate 111)
     Pandora Points (Plate 112)
     Pedernales Points (Plates 113-115)
     Plainview Points (Plate 116)
     Refugio Points (Plate 117)
Sandia Points
     San Patrice Points (Plate 109, M-EE)
     Scottsbluff Points (Plate 118)
     Shumla Points (Plate 119)
     Taylor Thinned Base Points
     Tortugas Points (Plate 120)
     Travis Points (Plate 121)
     Trinity Points (Plate 82, V-HH)
     Uvalde Points (Plate 122)
     Wells Points (Plate 123)
     Wheeler Leaf Points
     Williams Points (Plate 124)
     Yarbrough Points (Plate 125)
Arrow-Point Types
     Alba Points (Plate 126)
     Bassett Points (Plate 126)
     Bonham Points (Plate 127)
     Cliffton Points (Plate 127)
     Cuney Points (Plate 128)
     Foyle Flake Points
     Fresno Points (Plate 128)
     Harrell Points (Plate 129)
     Hayes Points (Plate 130)
     Livermore Points (Plate 130)
     Maud Points (Plate 131)
     Perdiz Points (Plate 131)
     Piedras Triple Notched Points
     Saucia Split Base Points
     Scallorn Points (Plate 132)
     Shafter Split Base Points
     Starr Points (Plate 132)
     Talco Points (Plate 133)
     Toyah Points (Plate 133)
     Turney Points (Plate 134)
     Young Points (Plate 134)
     Gar-scale Points (Plate 134)
List of Plate Identifications
List of References

     Figure 1: Map of Texas showing areas used in this study.
     Figure 2: Chart of culture complexes in four general stages
     Figure 3: Location of excavated sites, Paleo-American Stage
     Figure 4: Approximate extent of known complexes, Archaic Stage
     Figure 5: Approximate extent of known complexes, Neo-American Stage
     Figure 6: Principal complexes and sites, Historic Stage
     Figure 7: Chart showing names of projectile-point parts.
News Notes: 1953 Annual Meeting
A Radiocarbon Date on the Falcon Focus
Report of the Secretary-Treasurer
Membership List
List of Table of Contents of This Bulletin, Volumes 1 Through 25