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Classics in Texas Archeology

Volume 1 - Caddo Archeology

Selected Articles From The Early Years of The Bulletin of The Texas Archeological Society

Series editor, Timothy K. Perttula; assembled and with a foreword by Timothy K. Perttula

Timothy K. Perttula - 2009

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

First in a planned series of 5 volumes, this is a compilation of selected articles from The Bulletin of the Texas Archeological and Paleontological Society, spanning the years 1934 to 1953,  with a new foreword by series editor and Caddo expert Timothy K. Perttula. 

     This volume presents a series of classic articles on Caddo archeology that were published by the Texas Archeological Society in the early volumes of the Bulletin of the Texas Archeological and Paleontological Society between 1934-1953. Since Volume 25 (Suhm et al. 1954), this publication now goes by the name Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society, and it is the cornerstone publication of the Texas Archeological Society and is now in its 80th year. All of these pre-1954 volumes are long out of print, and are very difficult to come by or access by present-day Caddo archeologists or anyone interested in the archeology of the Caddo peoples. This volume of reprinted articles seeks to rectify that situation, and put before the reader a sampling of the best early articles on Caddo archeology published by the Texas Archeological Society in its long history.
     These articles show that the avocational or amateur archeological involvement in the study of Caddo archeology and history has been intensive (and sometimes pioneering in the case of avocational archeologists like Clarence Webb [Gregory 1980]) for at least 70 years. There have been strong ties between professional Caddoan archeologists and avocationalists through the state-wide Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas archeological societies; in the future this relationship will become even stronger
.... Timothy K, Perttula, 2009

The Caddo area and sites and locales mentioned in the reprinted articles.

Period Dates
Formative Caddo  A.D. 800  - A.D. 1000
Early Caddo A.D. 1000 - A.D. 1200
Middle Caddo A.D. 1200 - A.D. 1400
Late Caddo A.D. 1400 - A.D. 1680
Historic Caddo A.D. 1680 - A.D. 1860+

Facsimile reprint, 6" x 9", 11 chapters, 321 pages, soft cover.  $24.95


East Texas Pottery Caddo Houses Crenshaw Site

Frog Effigy Pipe

Pottery Pipes

Perpetual Fire Site
Sample  Plates - click on image to enlarge

Table of Contents
Foreword: A Current Perspective on Caddo Archeology
         Timothy K. Perttula
Types of East Texas Pottery
         A. T. Jackson (1934, Vol. 6)
House Types Among the Caddo Indians
         Clarence H. Webb (1940, Vol. 12)
Ceramic Relationships of the Pre-Caddo Pottery From the Crenshaw Site
         S. D. Dickinson (1936,Vol. 8)
Further Excavations of the Gahagan Mound; Connections with a Florida Culture
         Clarence H .W ebb and Monroe Dodd, Jr. (1939, Vol. 11)
Caddoan Prehistory: The Bossier Focus
         Clarence H. Webb (1948, Vol. 19)
A Perpetual Fire Site
         A. T. Jackson (1936, Vol. 8)
A Report on the Archeology of Titus County
         Walter R. Goldschmidt (1935,Vol. 7)
The Sam Kaufman Site, Red River County,Texas
         R. King Harris (1953,Vol. 24)
The Watermelon Island Site in Arkansas
         Dr. and Mrs. T. L. Hodges (1943,Vol. 15)
A Second Historic Caddo Site at Natchitoches, Louisiana
         Clarence H .W ebb (1945,Vol. 16)