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Classics in Texas Archeology

Volume 3 - Texas Coastal Archeology

Selected Articles From The Early Years of The Bulletin of The Texas Archeological Society

Series editor, Timothy K. Perttula; assembled and with a foreword by Timothy K. Perttula

Timothy K. Perttula - 2011

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

Third in a series of 5 volumes, this is a compilation of selected articles from The Bulletin of the Texas Archeological and Paleontological Society, spanning the years 1934 to 1953,  with a new foreword by series editor and Texas archaeologist Timothy K. Perttula. 

Perttula on the Gilmore Corridor

It deals with the putative Gilmore Corridor-a possible route of contact and exchange between Mexico and the U.S. Southeast through Texas and possible archeological evidence for culture contacts between Woodland and Mississippian period groups in Texas and the Southeast and "Classic and Postclassic cultures of Mesoamerica" (Kibler 2005:197). At the time Krieger was writing, archeological evidence of such contacts were not extensive, but the concept of culture contacts between these different cultures was important as a mechanism by which to account for how ideas and artifacts may have been diffused and moved, and how Mexican cultures could have influenced the development of archeological cultures in Texas and the U.S. Southeast. Kibler's (2005:204) recent examination of these continental connections through a Gilmore Corridor indicates that "if the exchange of materials and ideas between Mesoamerica and the southeastern United States through the Gulf coastal plain of Texas occurred at all, the dynamics at play over the last few millennia make the archaeological demonstration of this exchange difficult at best..... Timothy K, Perttula, 2011

Facsimile reprint, 6" x 9", 12 chapters, 207 pages, soft cover.  $16.95


Texas Coastal Artifacts Fire Making Device Points Scrapers from Costal Sites

Texas Coastal Pottery

Texas Coastal Pottery

Kent-Crane Site Shell Artifacts

Sample  Plates - click on image to enlarge

Table of Contents
Foreword to Volume 3
     Timothy K. Perttula
Notes on Some Texas Campsites and Other Remains
     George C. Martin (1929, Vol. 1)
Two Sites on the Cayo Del Oso, Nueces County, Texas
     George C. Martin (1930, Vol. 2)
A Vase and Some Carved Stones and Pebbles from Nueces County, Texas
     George C. Martin (1930, Vol. 2)
Ornamentation on the Pottery of the Texas Coastal Tribes
     Wendell H. Potter (1930, Vol. 2)
Texas Coastal Pottery
     George C. Martin (1931, Vol. 3)
Artifacts of the Rio Grande Delta Region
     A. E. Anderson (1932, Vol. 4)
A Carancahua Fire Implement
     Clyde T. Reed (1937, Vol. 9)
The Johnson Site: Type Site of the Aransas Focus
     T. N. Campbell (1947, Vol. 18)
Archaeological Survey of the Addicks Basin: A Preliminary Report
     Joe Ben Wheat (1948, Vol. 19)
Importance of the "Gilmore Corridor" in Culture Contacts Between Middle American and the Eastern United States
     Alex D. Krieger (1948, Vol. 19)
Notes on the Ayala Site, Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas
     T. N. Campbell And Jack Frizzell (1949, Vol. 20)
The Kent-Crane Site: A Shell Midden on the Texas Coast
     T. N. Campbell (1952, Vol. 23)