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Classics in Texas Archeology

Volume 4 - Panhandle and Southern High Plains Archeology

Selected Articles From The Early Years of The Bulletin of The Texas Archeological Society

Series editor, Timothy K. Perttula; assembled and with a foreword by Timothy K. Perttula

Timothy K. Perttula - 2011

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

Fourth in a series of 5 volumes, this is a compilation of selected articles from The Bulletin of the Texas Archeological and Paleontological Society, spanning the years 1929 to 1955,  with a new foreword by series editor and Texas archaeologist Timothy K. Perttula. 

A number of the articles in this volume, including several by W. C. Holden, one of the founders of the Texas Archeological and Paleontological Society in 1929 (Kelley 2009), Floyd W. Studer, C. Stewart Johnston, and Virginia Watson, are concerned with the unique archeological record preserved at Late Prehistoric sites with stone structural ruins in the Texas Panhandle. These sites are part of what Krieger (1946) defined as the Panhandle Aspect, and now are included within a series of archeological phases and complexes, most prominently the Antelope Creek phase in the Canadian River basin (Brooks 2004:334 and Figure 11.1). Also included is an article by Holden on archeological investigations of Blue Mountain Rock shelter in the Caprock Canyonlands.

W. C. Watt’s 1939 article discusses archeological discoveries around playa lakes on the Southern High
Plains, while Forrest Kirkland’s 1942 reprinted article put on record evidence for rock art sites (both pictographs and petroglyphs) on the Texas Panhandle. Finally, Jack T. Hughes summarized the archeological findings from his 1950s investigations of a Late Archaic site (ca. 4000-2000 years ago), the Little Sunday site, in the Red River drainage basin of the Caprock Canyonlands..... Timothy K, Perttula, 2011

Facsimile reprint, 6" x 9", 11 chapters, 266 pages, soft cover.  $19.95


Post Basket Maker Sites - TX Panhandle Post Basket Maker Sites Canadian River Culture

Saddleback Ruin Map

Ruin 55

TX Panhandle Culture

Sample  Plates - click on image to enlarge

Table of Contents
Foreword to Volume 4
     Timothy K. Perttula
Some Recent Exploitations and Excavations in Northwest Texas:
     The Canadian Valley
     W. C. Holden (1929, Vol. 1)
The Canadian Valley Expedition of March, 1930
     W. C. Holden (1930, Vol. 2)
Archeological Survey of the North Panhandle of Texas
     Floyd W. Studer (1931, Vol. 3)
Excavation of Saddle-Back Ruin
     W. C. Holden (1933, Vol. 5)
Texas Panhandle Culture Ruin No. 55
     Floyd W. Studer (1934, Vol. 6)
Blue Mountain Rock Shelter
     W. C. Holden (1938, Vol. 10)
A Report on the Antelope Creek Ruin
     C. Stuart Johnston (1939, Vol. 11)
Lake Sites of the South Plains of Texas
     W. C. Watts (1939, Vol. 11)
Indian Pictographs and Petroglyphs in the Panhandle Region of Texas
     Forrest Kirkland (1942, Vol. 14)
The Optima Focus of the Panhandle Aspect: Description and Analysis
     Virginia Watson (1950, Vol. 21)
Little Sunday: An Archaic Site in the Texas Panhandle
     Jack T. Hughes (1955, Vol. 26)