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Classics in Texas Archeology

Volume 5 - Central Texas and Lower Pecos Archeology

Selected Articles From The Early Years of The Bulletin of The Texas Archeological Society

Series editor, Timothy K. Perttula; assembled and with a foreword by Timothy K. Perttula

Timothy K. Perttula - 2011

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

The final volume in a series of 5 volumes, this is a compilation of selected articles from The Bulletin of the Texas Archeological and Paleontological Society, spanning the years 1935 to 1955,  with a new foreword by series editor and Texas archaeologist Timothy K. Perttula. 

T. N. Campbellís reprinted article on the Merrell site on an alluvial terrace in the Colorado River basin describes the archeological remains (stone tools and burned rock features of one kind or another) recovered in pre-World War II excavations there. The Merrell site is an example of a Central Texas gisement, ďa site with stratified archeological and geological layersĒ (Collins 004:111). Such sites, because of their discrete depositional contexts and data quality, are considered ideal for the study of short and long term cultural and paleoenvironmental changes in the region. Other reprinted articles in this volume that concern the Central Texas region are three articles by Edwards B. Jelks, J. Charles Kelley, and Dee Ann Suhm that summarize the archeological findings from their excavations at three (Blum, Lehmann, and Collins) of the many rockshelters periodically occupied by aboriginal peoples that hunted and gathered in the region (see Collins 2004:Figure 3.2c).

Forrest Kirkland and Herbert C. Taylorís reprinted articles represent some of the early Texas writings that concern the distinctive character of the archeological record in the Lower Pecos region. Kirklandís work in particular began the documentation of the many well-preserved pictographs found on the protected canyon walls of the Lower Pecos, and many detailed studies of Lower Pecos rock art have been completed since Kirklandís time (Boyd 2003; Turpin 2004).
.... Timothy K, Perttula, 2011

Facsimile reprint, 6" x 9", 11 chapters, 318 pages, soft cover.  $24.95


Deep Site Cross Section Wooden Clubs Milam TX Lehman Rock Shelter

L. Merrell Site

Belton Reservoir

Boothe Brushed

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Table of Contents
Foreword to Volume 5
     Timothy K. Perttula
An Archeological Survey of the Nueces Canyon in Texas
     Vane Huskey (1935, Vol. 7)
A Deep Archaeological Site in Travis County, Texas
     A. T. Jackson (1939, Vol. 11)
Grooved Clubs from a Peat Bog in Milam County, Texas
     Carl Chelf (1946, Vol. 17)
The Lehmann Rock Shelter: A Stratified Site of the Toyah, Uvalde, and Round Rock Foci
     J. Charles Kelley (1947, Vol. 18)
Archaeological Survey of Whitney Basin: A Preliminary Report
     Robert L. Stephenson (1947, Vol. 18)
The Merrell Site: Archaeological Remains Associated with Alluvial Terrace Deposits in Central Texas
     T. N. Campbell (1948, Vol. 19)
Archeological Excavations at the Belton Reservoir, Coryell County, Texas
     E. O. Miller and Edward B. Jelks (1952, Vol. 23)
Excavations at the Blum Rockshelter 
     Edward B. Jelks (1953, Vol. 24)
Excavations at the Collins Site, Travis County, Texas
     Dee Ann Suhm (1955, Vol. 26)
Indian Pictures in the Dry Shelters of Val Verde County, Texas
     Forrest Kirkland (1939, Vol. 11)
A Tentative Cultural Sequence for the Area About the Mouth of the Pecos
     Herbert C. Taylor, Jr. (1949, Vol. 20)