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Media Mail Shipping $3.00 Flat Rate Per Order - U.S. Only


A Pilot Study of Wichita Indian Archaeology and Ethnohistory

Final Report for Grant GS-964, National Science Foundation

Robert E. Bell, Edward B. Jelks, W. W. Newcomb - 1967

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

A very rare publication on the Wichita Indian tribes utilizing both archival research and and excavations of sites in Texas and Oklahoma.

The pilot study was designed to:
      a) obtain a body of field data from the components of the Spanish Fort sites, the largest and best-documented of the historic Wichita sites in the Red River area;
     b) make test excavations at several other sites in order that a problem-oriented program of future research can be accurately planned;
     c) attempt to locate, by field reconnaissance, sites that relate to the Wichita occupation of the southern plains on both the historic and prehistoric time levels;
     d) make a survey of available ethnohistorical data in order (1) to compile a bibliography of documentary materials relevant to Wichita ethnohistory, (2) to make a detailed study of documents that relate specifically to the excavations being carried out at Spanish Fort and at the sites being tested, (3) to seek information that might lead to the field locations of other Wichita sites, and (4) to appraise those sources best suited for more extended examination.

Contributors include: Tyler Bastian, Robert E. Bell, Jay C. Blaine, W. T. Field, Kathleen Gilmore, Inus M. Harris, R. K. Harris, Edward B. Jelks, Harald P. Jensen, Jr. , Dessamae Lorrain, David Lubell, W. W. Newcomb, C. A. Smith, Jr. and  J. Ned Woodall.

This 8-1/4" x 10-1/2", 550 page, soft cover, facsimile reprint is illustrated with 63 full-page plates and 1 foldout map $32.95



Archeological Investigations In Texas
     The Texas Red River Sites
     The Upper Tucker Site
     The Coyote Site
     The Glass Site
     The Gas Plant Site
     Reconnaissance In Texas
          Archeological Reconnaissance On The Trinity And Brazos Rivers
Preliminary Report Upon Excavations At The Longest Site, Oklahoma
Survey Of Potential Wichita Archeological Remains In Oklahoma

     Trade Beads, Projectile Points, And Knives
     Miscellaneous European Trade Goods
     Native-Made Artifacts From Historic Sites
     Artifacts From Prehistoric Sites
     The Chipped Lithic Industries From The Longest, Glass, And Coyote Sites
     A Microscopic Study Of Certain Pottery Types And Clays In The Southern Plains
References Cited In Archeological Reports
An Ethnohistoric Investigation Of The Wichita Indians In The Southern Plains
Appendix I: Synonymy
Appendix Ii: An Estimation Of Wichita Population
Concluding Statement
Explanation Of Figures