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Media Mail Shipping $3.00 Flat Rate Per Order - U.S. Only


Mission Furniture woodworking plans cover

Mission Furniture: Original Arts & Crafts Period Working Drawings, Frank Halstead (1913): We were very fortunate in acquiring a set of 87 hand drawn plates for Mission Furniture produced in 1913 by Frank Halstead a couple of years ago. The problem was that these plans were printed on a very thick paper that had an extremely  high acid content and over the last 91 years the paper had turned a dark brown making it very  difficult to distinguish the black line drawings and the hand lettered dimensions from the background of the pages. We started working on this set a year ago and were successful in correcting the drawings just in time to introduce it at the Twin Cities Arts and Crafts Show in St. Paul,  Minnesota.  This book is sure to delight any woodworker looking for authentic, period Mission Furniture Plans!

Soft cover, 8" x 10-1/2", 87 singles sided plates $24.95

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Vintage Mission Furniture Projects cover

Vintage Mission Furniture Projects: Original Designs from the American Arts and Crafts Movement, Edward F. Worst (1917):  Undoubtedly one of the best Manual Arts instruction manuals of the early 1900's. Mission furniture is well represented by the instructions, plans and photographs for making: parchment lampshades, floor and table lamps, weaving baskets for plant stands, rushing furniture, desks, chairs, Morris chairs, foot stools, newspaper tray, directory rack, leg rests, magazine racks, waste baskets, screens, smoking stands, stationary case, tabourets, candle sticks, sconces, plant rack, folding table, telephone table and chair, etc.
Edward F. Worst was the Supervisor of Elementary Manual Training and Construction Work in Chicago during the early part of the 20th Century. Soft cover, 7-3/4" x 10", 246 pages.

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Mission Lamps woodworking plans cover

Arts and Crafts Lamps 2 volumes, John D. Adams (1911): This is a reprint set of the 1911 first editions of John D. Adams Arts-Crafts Lamps How to Make Them and Lamps and Shades in Metal and Art Glass. Both of these books are quite rare and since Arts-Crafts Lamps is referenced in the Lamps and Shades book we offer them as a set of two for one price. The author's view of the relationship of these two books, from the Introduction of Lamps and Shades in Metal and Art Glass: "In one of the Popular Mechanics Handbooks ("Arts-Crafts Lamps—How to Make Them") the writer has described the method of constructing substantial and attractive Arts-and-Crafts lamps from such simple materials as colored paper and cardboard. In this book are presented a series of articles on home-made lamps in the construction of which metal and glass are utilized. The subject of lamps appeals to the amateur craftsman for four reasons:—the importance of a good and conveniently arranged light; the pleasing decorative effects that are possible; the variety and number of lamps that may be used to advantage in the home; and the small cost of equipment and necessary materials. In the handbook referred to above are given designs for a wide diversity of lamps. In the chapters which follow the intent is to thoroughly acquaint the reader with the several methods of construction that come within the scope of the amateur's modest workbench, so that, having learned these and the subsequent possibilities, no difficulty will be found in executing in glass and metal, instead of paper and cardboard, the designs of my first book as well as those elaborated in these pages."

Soft cover, perfect bound, 202 total pages, 34 total projects. $14.95


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